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ELIP Dolly


Shuttle carrier


Auto-stretch comb type dolly
Core part of automatic parking system

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Thin    Slim   Powerful

A little more strength, realize more.  Ready for everything

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Low failure rate, 0 accident rate

For ELIP, we set a scarcely possible target: reduce the failure rate to Min; No accident led by our product at the same time. This needs us to re-imaging each part to make them not only more stable, but also can resume work from a failure in a moment and reduce maintenance workload sharply. Finally, what we bring to you is not only a dolly, but also a foresight idea of dolly.

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Ingenuity works

Each detail can talk, stating the problems that you never care and cannot find.
The most beautiful details are from problems that beyond our endurances.

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Handle complicated matters with ease

Powered by high-end hydraulic system to lift heavy duty.

Bigger than bigger

Independent wheel gauge detectors make longer and wider cars available.

Thin, never cross line.

Authentically save garage height, cars with low ground clearance also be parked.

Low failure rate, 0 accident rate

We reduce the failure rate to Min to reduce maintenance workload sharply.

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