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Handle complicated matters with ease

We reduced multi-layers weight from dolly to make it work with fewer loads.
Powered by high-end hydraulic system to promote lifting load by a large margin.

Self weight

Rated lifting load

Max. lifting load

Not only big

Independent wheel gauge detectors make cars with different front/rear wheels breadth available, with the help of Auto-stretch comb technology, wide and long cars can be parked. We found from real test that from Mercedes SMART to D class cars (such as Mercedes S class, BMW 7 series, AUDI A8) can be handled by our dolly.

Max. car width

Max. car length

Min. wheel base

Max. wheel base

Thin enough; never crossing lines.

Garage height has a very high value, how to make it Max. Use ratio within a limited height?

In order to give cars better controllability, car manufacturers make the ground clearance from car bottom smaller and smaller, how to make it possible for roadster to be parked into automatic parking system?

We need thinner dolly and thinner parking combs. With our design, the space inside dolly is high ratio used, a thin but powerful dolly is borne to save garage height and park roadster with small ground clearance from car bottom. 220mm(Dolly thickness)


Min. garage layer height


Min. ground clearance from car bottom


Dolly thickness

Simple shape

There is beauty of meaningful and timeless contained in simple, distinct and high efficiency.

The real simple is far from simplifying something by cutting out the superfluous, but establish order in numerous and complicated things.

The reason why technology can achieve distinguished and powerful peaks is technology has already simplified by cutting out the superfluous and close to intangible.

Dolly length

Dolly width

Handle complicated matters with ease

Powered by high-end hydraulic system to lift heavy duty.

Bigger than bigger

Independent wheel gauge detectors make longer and wider cars available.

Thin, never cross line.

Authentically save garage height, cars with low ground clearance also be parked.

Low failure rate, 0 accident rate

We reduce the failure rate to Min to reduce maintenance workload sharply.

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