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There is a set of intelligent control assembly integrated in the dolly; the assembly is composed of PLC, encoder, photoelectric sensors and frequency converter. The inner program of PLC includes all action orders and risk protection orders of dolly. The encoder reset the system every second to ensure walking no error. The control assembly has Manual and Auto running modes, convenient to operate. With the help of intelligent control assembly, reducing the garage turn-key system loads a lot, very easy to diagnose dolly failure and recover.

One small step for technology, one giant leap for parking industry.

It is not dolly any more, it is transfer robot.

High end hydraulic device provides continuous power

Hydraulic technology has been an internationally acknowledged stable technology for long time, and been used in aviation area. But the precondition of stability is excellent sealing.

Twin pumps and twin motors hydraulic system

Twin pumps and twin motors are used and they are shunt-wound, providing more stability and less paralysis failures, the hydraulic motors are immersion oil type to ensure no leaking.

Cartridge valve framework

It replaced the conventional superposition valve. The throughput of cartridge valve to be 1000L/min, its drift diameter to be 200~250mm. The valve element has a simple structure, moves sensitive with very good sealing.

Parker connector,95% hydraulic pipes are rigid tube

We used well known brand radial type connectors to make each joint perfectly connected, with the help of 95% of pipes being rigid tube; there will be no leaking point for the hydraulic system.

Two remarkable motors
Hided in one dolly

There are 2 high performance walking motors, each motor has a brake release handle, when one motor fails, the other one can still work. Even if both motors fail, after releasing the brake handles of 2 motors, you can still move the dolly to position manually.

Connection, trouble to be shot silently

There is a set of very important external connection device, when interior circuit breaks or when hydraulic system fails, connect this connection device with external power supply or manual hydraulic controller, the dolly can back to work immediately.

When internal circuit test ok but the system fails due to PLC false, turn the rotary knob to Gear 1, and connect the manual hydraulic controller with right side connector to conduct recovery operation.

When internal circuit fails, turn the rotary knob to Gear 2, connect the external power supply with left side connector to resume power supply. Even it is the limiting case, at same time the hydraulic system also fails, connect the right side connector with manual hydraulic controller to resume hydraulic system working, and this will make the dolly get rid of paralysis status.

In position, ready, to complete

Two components switches

All hydraulic movement limit switches are two components, if one component fails, the other component can work normally, thus every hydraulic movement is more stable and more durable.

Hydraulic outage+ terminal anti-overrun

There are terminal anti-overrun limit switch, when dolly goes beyond normal walking positions, the dolly will stop immediately to avoid accidence. Also with the help of terminal anti-overrun limit switch, system also integrated hydraulic power-off protection function. When the dolly is walking, whole hydraulic system is power off to save energy, also even if control system sends out false order the hydraulic system will not execute, thus fundamentally avoid accidents such as dolly losing car.

Handle complicated matters with ease

Powered by high-end hydraulic system to lift heavy duty.

Bigger than bigger

Independent wheel gauge detectors make longer and wider cars available.

Thin, never cross line.

Authentically save garage height, cars with low ground clearance also be parked.

Low failure rate, 0 accident rate

We reduce the failure rate to Min to reduce maintenance workload sharply.

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