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Care begins from one step, protect your tires.
Make every car owner have a safe ride.

Inside the multi-function centering system, tire inner wall protectors are integrated. The protectors are composed of multi sections rotary link mechanism and the link mechanism has a buffer. When the centering system pushes car to find its center, the centering system will not frict inner wall of tires acutely to avoid swell of tires.

Swell of tires is very hard to be found by car owners, even a car owner finds it, he will not think the swell is due to parking system’s centering system. But we need to take this responsibility, we consider more to provide safer ride for the drivers.

Surprise in silent

The garage in which the dolly works is unmanned garage, no people allowed going in or staying in the garage when parking system running. The garage is closed, no noise can go out or affect outside world.

But we still installed damping module in dolly to eliminate metal clash noise when dolly is walking. We installed reducing valves at several hydraulic parts to make the hydraulic system works at a Min noise level. All those measures bring us a silent industrial product.

We care inside and outside, protect system from rats.

Garage is a very good place to live for rats, also we have 5% cables have to be exposed outside, thus we use steel wire protecting bush to protect those cables.

Double-section surface panel design,Bring everything into full play

Though we already make the dolly as short as we can, but the surface panel is still 5 m long and needs 3 people to disassemble, in order to reduce the disassembling difficulty, we make the surface panel into 2 sections, now only 1 person can disassemble it, also the 2 sections seem like one panel after assembly with the help of magnetic slot connection.

Handle complicated matters with ease

Powered by high-end hydraulic system to lift heavy duty.

Bigger than bigger

Independent wheel gauge detectors make longer and wider cars available.

Thin, never cross line.

Authentically save garage height, cars with low ground clearance also be parked.

Low failure rate, 0 accident rate

We reduce the failure rate to Min to reduce maintenance workload sharply.

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